Loft Conversion Costs

Loft Conversions. Can I have one?

Can I convert my loft? What will I need to check?

Is it possible to convert my loft space from it's present condition into a usable room? Rather then this dark dusty space only really suitable for storing boxes of junk!  The simple answer is YES ! To convert your loft into a real extension of your home that could be used as bedroom, playroom, or home office with or without a en suite could be more affordable than you think!

What's first?

This is a typical example of a cross section through a house. Note Dimension A, this is the first thing we would need to check.

We need this dimension to be 2.15 M or 7 Feet 2 inches. If you don't have this, in some cases you could consider lowering the existing first floor bedroom ceilings to gain hight in the loft! 


Loft conversion costs

“How much will my loft conversion project cost me?”

There is no simple mathematical equation that will guarantee the final cost of your loft conversion. As each home and each style is different, along with many other factors that may effect the starting point. However we can start by giving you a basic cost per square metre of new floor area that you hope to create. 

For example you hope to achieve a new bedroom within your loft approximately 4.2 M wide by 3.6 M long. This is a good sized double bedroom, this bedroom has a floor space of 4.2 X 3.6 =15.12 M2 you need to allow approximately 3 M2 for the average staircase arrangement, so you will end up with an overall area just over 18 M2. A good guide for this project with plans and engineers calculations are £ 650.00 per M2. Eg. 18 X £650 = £ 11,700

This method will give you a real starting point for trying to decide whether or not a loft conversion project is right for you and your home.

All of these factors will obviously need to be considered when calculating the overall costs of the loft conversion project. We can do this in various ways! 

You can send us your specific dimensions along with a few photos of the property, along with your wish list of specifications, and we can try to arrive at a cost that is within your preferable budget. Alternatively we can arrange for one of our surveyors to call to your home to discuss any of your requirements. 

Our surveyor will arrive at your property armed with a tape measure, pen and paper,  to firstly asses what is possible, and then secondly listen to you to determine what you would like.  
Our surveyor will only take approximately 30 minutes and be hassle free.